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Escape of Oil During Delivery

The Problem

During an oil delivery at a residential property, an unforeseen incident occurred when the delivery driver’s hose unexpectedly detached from the tank. This mishap led to oil being sprayed across the garden and the path at the back of the property, creating a potential hazard for both the environment and the residents. The oil spill not only marred the appearance of the garden but also posed a serious risk of seeping into the dwelling house, which could result in structural damage and health concerns for the occupants. Recognising the urgency of the situation, emergency containment measures were swiftly put into place to prevent further damage and protect the property. These measures were crucial in mitigating the risks associated with the oil spill and ensuring the safety of the residents and the surrounding environment. With prompt action and effective containment strategies, the potential consequences of the oil reaching the dwelling house were minimised, preserving the integrity of the property and the well-being of its inhabitants.

The Solution

A comprehensive site investigation was carried out by a qualified scientist to determine the extent of the contamination plume caused by the oil spill. This thorough examination was crucial in understanding the full impact of the incident on the property and the surrounding environment. After collecting the necessary data, the scientist produced a Contamination Assessment Report, which provided an in-depth analysis of the contaminated areas and the severity of the pollution. Alongside the report, a detailed Scope of Works was developed to outline the necessary remediation actions required to address the contamination. The remediation works primarily involved the excavation of easily accessible contaminated soils, ensuring that the majority of the polluted material was removed from the site. Additionally, special attention was given to treating any residual contamination at the base of the excavation. This process ensured that even the most stubborn traces of pollution were effectively dealt with, minimising any long-term impact on the environment and safeguarding the health and well-being of the property’s residents. By meticulously addressing the contamination and adhering to the Scope of Works, the property was successfully restored, demonstrating the effectiveness of a comprehensive site investigation and targeted remediation actions.

The End Result

Avada took charge of managing the reinstatement of the property, with the aim of restoring everything to its original state before the unfortunate oil spill incident occurred. Their team of professionals meticulously assessed the damages and implemented a thorough plan to repair and refurbish the affected areas, ensuring that the property would regain its former condition. Throughout the process, Avada worked diligently to minimise disruption to the residents, keeping them informed of progress and developments. As the Building Regulations had changed since the property was originally constructed, it became necessary to upgrade the enclosure for the tank to comply with current standards. Avada took this opportunity to ensure that the property not only returned to its previous state but also adhered to the latest safety and regulatory requirements. The entire project, from the initial assessment to the final touches, took eight weeks to complete, demonstrating Avada’s commitment to efficient and high-quality restoration work.