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Failure of Oil Feed Line

The Problem

The client, an owner of a residential rental property, was confronted with a significant environmental issue that threatened the habitability of the property and the well-being of its tenants. This predicament arose from an underground oil line servicing the property, a vital conduit designed to allow the heating oil tank to be filled conveniently from the front of the property. Regrettably, this oil line failed, leading to a substantial and alarming oil spill. The extent of the damage caused by the oil spill was considerable, with the spill not only contaminating the area but also posing potential risks to the property’s structural integrity.

The environmental challenge was further complicated by the property’s domestic nature, which housed tenants at the time of the incident. The oil spill presented significant health and safety concerns, forcing the owner to consider temporary accommodation alternatives for the tenants. This scenario placed the owner in a precarious situation, needing to quickly address the immediate hazards while also formulating a longer-term remediation strategy. Balancing these demands while striving to minimise disruption for the tenants made this a complex and urgent problem to resolve.

The Solution

Avada promptly stepped in, installing temporary mitigation measures to contain the oil spill and minimise further damage. This immediate response enabled the tenants to remain in the property temporarily while a more comprehensive solution was implemented. A team of qualified scientists carried out a detailed site investigation, followed by the development of a thorough schedule of work. The complexity of the situation called for structural engineering input to ensure a safe and effective remediation process.

The remediation plan involved extensive excavations in the rear garden to remove the contaminated soil. The block work at the back of the property, also contaminated, was replaced. In addition, the internal floors were carefully dug out and removed, and appropriate hydrocarbon membranes were installed to prevent any potential future leaks from penetrating the structure.

The End Result

Upon completion of the remediation work, a comprehensive site validation survey was conducted to ensure that the clean-up was thorough and effective. A validation report was prepared, providing detailed documentation of the entire process and affirming the success of the remediation. The property was fully restored, both internally and externally, making it habitable once again.

Throughout the process, Avada worked closely with the homeowner’s insurance company, ensuring all work met their stringent standards. Additionally, the Building Control department of the local council was involved, further guaranteeing the high quality of the work performed. All remediation and reinstatement work met the required standards set by them, resulting in a property ready for habitation and a satisfied client.