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Derilect Industrial Mill

The Problem

Our client, faced with a significant challenge, was developing a site for 35 new residential properties. The land, steeped in historical industrial use, bore the remnants of its past. The site’s derelict buildings had been home to a variety of industries over the years – a flax mill in the 1800s, an iron foundry in the early 1900s, a munitions foundry during the Second World War, and more recently, a facility for processing milk products. Consequently, the site had considerable contamination. Avada was appointed to review the situation and advise on potential measures to reduce the contamination level to a standard suitable for residential use.

The Solution

Upon investigating the site, we identified a range of contaminants of concern. These included Metals, TPH, PAH, PCBs, BTEX, MTBE, total and free Cyanide, thyocyanate, VOCs, SVOCs, phenols, sulphides, and asbestos. These contaminants posed significant risks to human health and controlled waters. Given the site’s proximity to watercourses, we classified it as “highly sensitive”. Consequently, we guided the client on the pertinent legislative environmental framework, and the necessary health and safety measures for construction workers, including the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE), and thorough induction briefings.

The End Result

By leveraging our deep expertise in environmental consultancy and remediation, we successfully guided our client through the labyrinth of legislation and safety requirements. Our effective solutions transformed a potentially hazardous site into a safe environment, ready for the development of new residential properties. This careful management of the contamination issue allowed our client to progress confidently with their construction project, knowing that the safety of future residents and the surrounding environment was assured.