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Has Your Heating Oil Leaked Into Your Garden?


Emergency Response To Oil Spill Caused By Storm

It was reported to AVADA Environmental that a tree was felled due to high winds during a storm and destroyed the shed and oil tank located in the rear garden of this property. This allowed an escape of oil which then migrated across and through the rear garden and impacted the household and the neighbouring property.

Emergency Works

A sump was installed within the decking area at the rear of the property immediately to mitigate any potential further contamination of oil migrating off site and into the neighbouring properties.

A Vacuum Extraction Unit was installed within the rising wall foundation at the rear of the property to lower the levels of harmful vapours present within the dwelling to allow the homeowner to continue living at the house.

The contents of the damaged oil tank were pumped into a temporary holding tank to prevent further contaminant migration from the damaged oil tank. A replacement oil tank was installed at the property and a temporary heating system was commissioned.

Remedial Works:

  • The wooden patio and shed at the rear of the property were removed.
  • The concrete path, tiled patio and tiled pathway at the rear of the property were lifted and disposed of and the contaminated soil was excavated.
  • Injection lances were installed through the rear rising wall foundation to enable the treatment of the impacted soil and fill material beneath the dwelling house.
  • Inoculation lances were installed in the excavated pathway area next to the strip foundation footing at the rear of the dwelling.
  • Two 100mm diameter groundwater recovery wells were installed within the front lawn to remediate the hydrocarbon contaminant located beneath the sub-floor of the house.
  • A treatment system was installed to cover the entire area of impact.
  • To enable the property to remain occupied during the remedial works programme the Vacuum Extraction Unit that was previously installed remained operational for the duration of the remedial works programme.
  • Upon the conclusion of the remedial works programme a site validation survey was carried out.
  • The area of excavation where the concrete pathway was situated at the rear of the dwelling was backfilled and all damaged pipes and drains were repaired before the hard surfaces were reinstated
  • The rear garden was backfilled, compacted, levelled and finished with instant lawn. All damaged shrubs and plants were replaced.
  • The area of excavation in the front lawn was backfilled, compacted, levelled and re-seeded.
  • The tiled pathway and patios were fully reinstated, and the wooden decking area was replaced with a paved patio.

Have you noticed a smell of oil around your house or garden?

If you’ve noticed any early symptoms of an oil spill at your property, it’s important to have an investigation carried out immediately.

Our Oil Spill Response Team at AVADA Environmental, is highly respected and can provide emergency services throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.  You contact us directly by calling 028 3010 0121 or by completing an online enquiry form.

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June 14th, 2017


Co. Donegal



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