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Welcome to Avada, your premier environmental consultancy specialising in oil spill remediation and contaminated land. With bases in both the UK and Ireland, we provide a swift, effective, 24/7 nationwide response to oil leaks, spills, and other contamination incidents. Our dedicated team, equipped with industry-leading technologies, excels in assessing and containing damages, ensuring your property and our environment are safeguarded from further harm.

Our expertise spans a vast range of remediation techniques such as Bio-remediation, Chemical Oxidation, and Excavation & Disposal. We pride ourselves on delivering efficient, sustainable solutions, tailored to the unique needs of each case. As an ISAS Spill Accredited company, we’ve successfully managed over 3,250 projects, earning us the trust of numerous leading insurance companies in the UK and Ireland. Choose Avada for our experience, prompt response, and commitment to restoring safety and peace of mind in the wake of oil spills.





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Sustainable Soil Remediation in Avada: A New Era

Sustainable Soil Remediation in Avada: A New Era

Avada Environmental Ltd is pioneering the transition from the traditional 'dig and dump' method of soil remediation to more sustainable and environmentally responsible techniques. Recognising the limitations and drawbacks of the conventional approach, such as its...

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