Oil Spill

Why Choose Us In The Event Of An Oil Spill?

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Oil pollution will not only damage your property, it could devalue it and potentially harm your health and wellbeing if it’s not cleaned up correctly. AVADA Environmental can provide the help you need if you are suffering from the consequences of an oil spill at your premises, from the initial investigation through to the

Dealing with a Neighbours Oil Leak?

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Your home is your fortress. But how would you address the situation if it were to be damaged by a neighbour accidentally? It’s not unusual for homeowners to suffer damage to their property at the hands of a neighbour, particularly in the event of an oil spill, as kerosene will migrate rapidly through soil and

Does Home Insurance Cover Oil Spills?

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The majority of residents who have domestic oil tanks assume that their home insurance policy would cover the clean-up costs in the event of a spillage or oil leak.  Many policies will cover the environmental clean-up costs, but occasionally, some don't. We recommend that homeowners ensure that both the immediate aftermath of an oil leak

Do I Need To Move Out During Oil Spill Clean-Up?

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Every year, there are thousands of reported pollution incidents across Ireland and the UK caused by leaking or spilt oil, with many of these incidents occurring on residential properties. A spill of diesel or kerosene from your oil tank can be dangerous for the water environment, human health and the wider environment, which means the

How Damaging Can An Oil Spill Be To My Property?

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Every oil spill is different, and the impact of a fuel leak can vary from site to site. Although releases from residential heating oil tanks are often extremely problematic, and the clean-up will gradually become more complex the longer the spill is left untreated. Here’s some of the common consequences of a domestic oil leak:

Pollution Prevention: Do You Need An Oil Separator At Your Site?

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Fuel and oil separators/interceptors play a significant role in managing contaminated run-off and spills. If you don’t have the right type of separator or if it’s poorly maintained, serious problems can occur. The worst outcome is to see fuel or oil contaminate local waterways. The environment suffers of course, but so does your business,

AVADA’s Advice On Preventing Oil Pollution

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Pollution incidents from faulty Oil tanks and fuel lines are on the increase across the UK & Ireland.  These leaks are usually caused by badly maintained tanks and fuel lines.  Leaked oil often soaks into the ground producing fumes and odours that can cause adjoining houses to be evacuated, leaving it impossible to live

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