Oil pollution will not only damage your property, it could devalue it and potentially harm your health and wellbeing if it’s not cleaned up correctly.

AVADA Environmental can provide the help you need if you are suffering from the consequences of an oil spill at your premises, from the initial investigation through to the completion of the clean-up.

We have dealt with countless oil leaks across the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and some further abroad since our company first launched in 2013, and we’ve got the resources to deal with a wide variety of issues ranging from domestic oil leaks to major spills at commercial facilities or agricultural premises.

Rapid Response

If you suspect you’ve got an oil leak at your property, you need to act quickly.  Don’t put off taking action or assume the problem will go away. The quicker the leak can be dealt with, the less oil will be lost and further damage can be minimised.

We operate a 24-hour emergency response service to oil or chemical spills across the UK and Ireland, and you can always reach us by calling our 24-hour emergency line on 0800 9174 999 if you’re calling from the UK or 1800 567 999 if you’re calling from the Republic of Ireland.

Quality Services

AVADA Environmental is an accredited oil spill response contractor.  Using companies accredited under obligatory schemes gives you confidence that the firm has invested in staff, equipment and materials and that they hold the correct waste management and remediation licences.

Oil Spill Response Accreditation

Friendly & Knowledgeable Support

We understand how stressful it can be for any person when dealing with the aftermath of an oil spill on their premises, and as well as minimising disruption, our staff always put great effort into engaging with clients and keeping them well-informed throughout the remediation process.

Expert Advice & Guidance

Oil spills can be complex incidents to deal with and you may hear a lot of conflicting advice from various sources. We provide impartial and straightforward advice that will help you to understand the problem and we’ll offer exemplary guidance on all legal matters associated with a pollution incident.

Contact Us Today

If you suspect you’ve got an oil leak or have any questions relating to an oil spill incident, feel free to call our Oil Spill Response Team or send an online enquiry at any time.