Dealing with a Neighbours Oil Leak?

Your home is your fortress. But how would you address the situation if it were to be damaged by a neighbour accidentally?

It’s not unusual for homeowners to suffer damage to their property at the hands of a neighbour, particularly in the event of an oil spill, as kerosene will migrate rapidly through soil and water after being absorbed into the ground.

Over the past number of years AVADA Environmental has been called out to countless jobs where an oil spill has originated from a neighbouring property, with some clients even suffering from the consequences of an oil spill from properties over 300 yards away.


Call us! If you’ve noticed some of the early symptoms of a spill, like a strong smell of oil around your property or stains on your garden, and have suspicions that it’s coming from a neighbour’s property the first task will be to prevent the kerosene from spreading, limiting any further damage to your home.

This is not a task that can be carried out by yourself or an unqualified worker.  Some people tend to try and treat a spill themselves before seeking help with products like washing up liquid and other detergents, which will only make the problem worse.  You’ll require a full site assessment from an experienced and accredited Oil Spill Response Team, possibly followed by emergency containment measures.

Our team would be able to determine how the oil is getting into your property through our investigations.  And after all containment measures have been put in place, we would proceed to finding the extent of the spill.


Dealing with the legal matters associated to a pollution incident can be overbearing for any homeowner.

Each spill is surrounded with unique circumstances, and numerous questions must be raised when dealing with an oil spill that is sourced from a neighbouring property.  The source will need to be identified, the extent of the damage will need to be noted and other issues like negligence, trespass or nuisance can come into the equation.

Sometimes with a third-party spill you can use your own insurance policy, other times it will be in your best interest to go directly after the polluter when pursuing a claim.  Every case is different but making the wrong decision could lead to you getting less than you’re entitled to.

AVADA Environmental has dealt with hundreds of third-party spills, and we can help relieve you of the stresses that arise when dealing with the claim and ensure you get fully compensated.  We will work closely with most insurers and assist you by providing a detailed report and quotation for any remedial work required, which can then be presented to them for review.


If you suspect you’ve got an oil leak, or need some advice or guidance regarding an oil spill at your property contact our Oil Spill Response Team today on (UK) 0800 9174 999 (ROI) 1800 567 999 or send an online enquiry.

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Published: 15 February 2019