How Damaging Can An Oil Spill Be To My Property?

Every oil spill is different, and the impact of a fuel leak can vary from site to site.

Although releases from residential heating oil tanks are often extremely problematic, and the clean-up will gradually become more complex the longer the spill is left untreated.

Here’s some of the common consequences of a domestic oil leak:

  • Causes harmful fumes inside properties.
  • Contaminates drinking water supplies. Oil can impact the underground plastic water pipes causing bad tastes and smells in drinking water in the neighbourhood.
  • Kills garden plants and vegetation.
  • Soaks into the brick or stonework of buildings.
  • Can spread through drains and affect the operation of sewage treatment works and septic tanks.
  • Spreads through the ground and affect neighbouring properties.
  • Pollutes rivers, streams and ground water surrounding the property.

As owners and occupiers of a property we all have a legal obligation to prevent pollution or to clean up pollution when it occurs either on our property or migrates into neighbouring properties. Your property could also be permanently devalued without a correct validation certification.

AVADA Environmental’s experience in domestic remediation allows us to draw on extensive knowledge to ensure the most effective remedial strategy is recommended and implied effectively to ensure the safety and well-being of all our client’s properties.

If you suspect you’ve got an oil leak at your property contact our team today on (UK) 0800 9174 999 (ROI) 1800 567 999 or send an online enquiry.

Posted in: Hydrocarbons
Published: 9 January 2019