Pollution incidents from faulty Oil tanks and fuel lines are on the increase across the UK & Ireland.  These leaks are usually caused by badly maintained tanks and fuel lines.  Leaked oil often soaks into the ground producing fumes and odours that can cause adjoining houses to be evacuated, leaving it impossible to live in the properties without major building works.  With a few simple checks and extra care, you could help prevent unnecessary stress and save money.

Our Twelve Top Tips:

  • Check around your house, inside and out, behind cupboards and all over outbuildings for signs of staining, dead plants and subsidence. If oil pipes run underneath neighbours’ land or property, ask to have a quick inspection.
  • If the tank is near a river or stream, check for signs of life, oil staining on the water surface or thick brown froth
  • Check for rust, flaked paint and cracks. Check all fittings and pipe work.
  • On plastic tanks check for surface bleaching by the sun.
  • On plastic tanks check for warping and distortion.
  • Supervise all oil deliveries and make sure that you do not order more oil than your tank can hold.
  • For metal tanks, ensure that they are regularly painted with suitable paint.
  • Regularly inspect your oil usage rate and keep a log. If your usage is high for the time of year, this can indicate a leak.
  • If your tank is filled on contract, especially whilst your our out, ensure you get a bill showing when and how much oil was added.
  • Keep the fill gauge clean and free from obstruction.
  • Make sure your tank is tamper-proof
  • Get your tank regularly inspected by a professional.

Already Discovered An Oil Leak In Your Garden?

At AVADA Environmental, we can address oil damage, regardless of the extent and restore properties to pre-loss condition which effectively means, no contamination or as near as possible to this as can be achieved.  If you suspect that you’ve an oil leak at your property, contact us as soon as possible on 0800 9174 999 if you are calling from the UK, or 1800 567 999 if you’re calling from the Republic of Ireland.