EU takes action over dangerous levels of trihalomethanes in Ireland’s drinking water system

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The European Commission recently opened an infringement case against Ireland in the EU Court of Justice because it has continued to exceed the limits of trihalomethane contamination in drinking water supplies across the country. The Infringement was first brought to the attention of the European Commission in 2011, when Friends of the Irish Environment made

Should there be stricter rules for PFAS chemicals?

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Recently in both Australia and America serious pressure has been put on Governments to set stricter regulations for man-made chemicals known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) to protect public health and the environment. This comes after recent research showed that exposure to PFAS chemicals can lead to adverse human health effects, and AVADA

AVADA’s Advice On Preventing Oil Pollution

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Pollution incidents from faulty Oil tanks and fuel lines are on the increase across the UK & Ireland.  These leaks are usually caused by badly maintained tanks and fuel lines.  Leaked oil often soaks into the ground producing fumes and odours that can cause adjoining houses to be evacuated, leaving it impossible to live

Welcome to AVADA Environmental

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We’re delighted to introduce you to our new name - AVADA Environmental, which has officially replaced SpillAssist. Why are we changing our name? AVADA Environmental has become bigger and better – after five successful years in providing bespoke remediation services throughout the UK and Ireland, we decided to give ourselves a new image which better