Pollution Prevention: Do You Need An Oil Separator At Your Site?

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Fuel and oil separators/interceptors play a significant role in managing contaminated run-off and spills. If you don’t have the right type of separator or if it’s poorly maintained, serious problems can occur. The worst outcome is to see fuel or oil contaminate local waterways. The environment suffers of course, but so does your business,

Contaminated Land: A Guide For Developers

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Land contamination may arise from a previous use of a site, or an adjacent site, that has had an industrial, commercial or landfilling activity.  And strict regulations are implied across the UK as land contamination can have significant adverse effects on human health, property, ecosystems and water quality. AVADA Environmental has prepared a guidance

EU takes action over dangerous levels of trihalomethanes in Ireland’s drinking water system

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The European Commission recently opened an infringement case against Ireland in the EU Court of Justice because it has continued to exceed the limits of trihalomethane contamination in drinking water supplies across the country. The Infringement was first brought to the attention of the European Commission in 2011, when Friends of the Irish Environment made